CT Enterprises

Wet Wipes

Our range of disposable wet wipes are both effective and economical, and will prove to be invaluable in the war on dirt and grime.  The wipes are cost-effective and convenient, and will compliment any situation, at home, work or play.

  • All purpose/multi surface wipe which is effective in cleaning all hard surfaces around the house
  • Computer & Office wipes, are ideal in cleaning all your tech equipment, like Computers, mobile devices, camera equipment, remote controls etc. These wipes are fantastic for around the house and office and will assist in the fight against cross contamination.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes contain an active SteriTech concentration which is effective against numerous organisms by SABS, hospitals and government approved and internationally in laboratories in SA, UK and USA.  Used in disinfecting pre-cleaned high touch surfaces.

Available in both Mini and Maxi sizes.

Wet Wipes