We stock a wide range of aluminium trims available in both Silver (Natural) and Bronze (Anodised) standard lengths are 3.0m, 2.5m and 900mm lengths (aluminium).

PvC Edging is available in a variety of colours and a standard length of 2.4m

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Aluminium Trims for Carpeting

Naplock  Tread/Flat Trim  Varistrip  Coverstrip  Thriftline | Neat Edge

Twin Grip - One Sided  Stairnosing  Retro Fit | Stairnosing

Aluminium Trims for Wood, Laminateds and LVP'S

Expansion Cover/T's  Transition | Ramp  Wood Edge/U-Channel  Retro Fit  Straight Edge - Unpunched

 Other Aluminium Trims/Tile Ceramics

 Straight Edge  Straight Edge Formable  Round Edge  Heavy Duty Movement Joint  Movement Joint - PVC