Fitting Accessories & Sealants

Fitting Accessories & Sealants

We supply a range of floor fitting accessories to meet your flooring needs.

Steel Nails, Blades, Nail in anchors, Carpet Iron, Caulking gun, Drill bits, Moulding lifter, Loop pile cutter, Silicone/Acrylic sealant, Wood sealant


Silicone - White, Black, Clear, Grey, Bronze

Acrylic - White

Flexible Wood Sealant - Black, Cherry, Imbuia, Meranti, Oak, Pine

Bonding Liquid - Latex Bond, cement. Additive

Fitting Accessories and Tools

Blades Heavy Duty

Knife (Utility non retractable)

Nails (Steel) - 20,25,32,38/40,50mm

Panel pins (Wire)

Nail in Anchors 

Irons - Carpet seaming/joining iron

Caulking Gun - Standard and Industrial quality

Moulding Lifter

Drill Bits