Kalahari Quartz Floor Tiles

Kalahari Quartz Floor Tiles

Kalahari quartz vinyl floor tiles have been supplied for numerous commercial, industrial, public sector and domestic applications in Southern Africa since 1991. Kalahari floor tiles are SABS certified and are manufactured by an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

Kalahari Quartz Floor Tiles

Only very fine and naturally weathered quartz particles are used to reinforce Kalahari quartz vinyl floor tiles. More than 70% of the final product's total weight is made up of very hard quartz particles. The homogeneous through-marbled composition ensures colour and marbling do not wear through and the high natural quartz content results in exceptional durability and wear resistance.

The inclusion of added PvC content enhances the degree of flexibility of the Kalahari quartz floor tiles.

Size:    300x300mm

Gauge: 1.60|2.00|2.50|3.20mm

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