Carpet Grippers

EnviroGrip is a redesigned and an improved carpet gripper/tack strip. 

Made from 100% recycled composite polypropolyne, with added hardening compound for additional strength.

Some benefits of EnviroGrip are:

- Developed and produced in RSA.

- Consistency: each length is exactly the same, due to moulded process.

- Unique row of horizontal teeth on the bevelled edge, providing added and exceptional grip.

- More gripping pins and teeth per length than conventional gripper.

- Cuts easily and cleanly.

- Water/moisture resistant, cannot rot and/or pins cannot rust.

- Light-weight and flexible (flexes laterally), can be made to follow wall curvature.

- Cost-effective.

- Manufactured from 100% recycled content – “green”, and can be recycled after use.